StarterGlass can be dimensioned statically according to TRLV with Üko Professional 3S. All loads that should be taken into account, like snow, wind, dead weight thermal fluctuation and altitude specific barometric variation will be proofed and compared with authorised value of deflection and strain. A complex calculation of snow and wind loads according to DIN 1055 is easily made possible through wind load module of the program.

Free Demoversion

Static proof

  • Calculate Maximal deflection and strain of the individual discs due to freely definable combinations of load conditions
  • Tension between individual discs due to climate loads
  • Comparison of allowed deflection and strain according to TRLV
  • Suggestion of glass-thickness
  • Consideration of not allowed measurements and kinds of glass
  • Single, double and triple glazing with float, TVG, ESG, VSG and wired glass
  • Wind loads according to DIN 1055-4
  • Snow loads according to DIN 1055-5
  • Dead weight
  • Climate loads due to thermal fluctuation and barometric variation
  • Linear distributed loads as traffic loads
  • Special surface loads
  • Besides normative distributed loads, manually specified loads can be entered